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The producer and DJ otherwise known as Maetrik rocks Musika’s fourth birthday in Edinburgh, and gives us the lowdown on his amazing debut album Life Index, for Damian Lazarus’ Crosstown Rebels…

If you haven’t listened to Life Index yet, do so right now. The debut album from Maceo Plex is, in EQTV’s humble opinion, one of the best albums of the year so far. We wouldn’t have expected anything less though. As Maceo Plex – and his other alter egos Matrik and Mariel Ito – Eric Estornel has always made and played excellent music. He’s dropped bombs on Cocoon, Audiomatique, Mothership and Dumb Unit among others, but this album, for Damian Lazarus’s Crosstown Rebels, is his opus. Of course, that might change when he drops his long-awaited Maetrik album but for now, Life Index is hard to stop listening to.

So when Eric rolled into Edinburgh to play at Musika’s fourth birthday, we were there. And here we get the story of Life Index and a hint of how the forthcoming Maetrik artist album for Sven Vath’s Cocoon is shaping up – before Eric launches a blistering attack on producers who don’t make their own music…

Life Index is out on Crosstown Rebels. Eric’s new mix album as Maetrik, Galaktika 5 Years is out on May 9. The Maetrik artist album follows on Cocoon later this year. Visit, and
For more on the excellent Musika, visit




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8 Responses to “Maceo Plex”

  1. Colin B says:

    He’s quickly becoming my favourite artist.. unreal talent. i couldnt believe maetrik was maceo plex.. what’s the track at 5 mins.. amazing

  2. Socrates says:

    funny how he says fuck artists who dont make their own music and that it needs to stop but doesn’t name anyone (although he knows many). the only way to stop it is by pointing the finger at them and consequently discrediting them. if you really wanna stop it maetrik take the initiative and name names.

    also the comment about house heads wanting just happy dancey music and techno people are purists is ridiculous. if anything its the opposite. most techno dance floors are filled with clubbers who dont know a thing about techno and just wanna go mental. i myself know numerous metalheads who go to techno events despite the fact that they want nothing to do with techno outside the dancefloor. i bet you if you interact with the panorama crowd on the one hand and the berghain crowd on the other on any given night you will find that the former is a lot more passionate as well as ‘educated’ vis-a-vis their music.

  3. Subsignal says:

    Haha the lads in the backround are mad out of it.

  4. Subsignal says:

    Anyway what i was originally going to post is yeah fuck people who don’t make their own music!

  5. Ludwig II says:

    Track ID of the first one?

  6. Tim says:

    I want to know names of ‘Artists’ who use ghost writers!

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