Session 13: JMX

JMX: Session 13 by EQTV


Extended Play boss and Jet Project member John McIver steps out as his new alter ego to mix up a slick selection of upcoming releases and unheard tunes for the latest addition to our exclusive mix series…

EQTV first encountered the Jet Project at Pressure in Glasgow, a night of mixed emotions for us. We got a great interview with the boys on film, and some nice video from their cracking set – only to have our cameras nicked and all the footage lost. On the plus side, we’d been introduced to one of the most exciting duos to emerge in a long time. As Jet Project, John McIver and Timmy Stewart made a huge impact, getting snapped up by the likes of Get Physical, Soma and Silicone Soul’s Darkroom Dubs imprint, where they released 2009’s excellent album Heads In The Clouds.

From there, it’s been onwards and upwards for John and Timmy. Taking on the aliases of JMX and T-Bone, they launched Extended Play, putting out their own music, as well as some tasty cuts from the likes of Ejeca, Duckbeats and Buckley. And with JMX, John has been winning the attention of 2020 Vision and One Records, making him one to watch. So press play and soak up the sexy sounds of this exclusive mix. No tracklist for this one – too many upcoming and unreleased tracks, including new tunes from JMX himself, Dale Howard and Timmy P…

Tell us about JMX and where did it all start from?
JMX basically started as a result of me getting a new home studio at the end of 2011, I got a new set-up and wanted to start something fresh. The first few tracks I wrote got signed to 2020 Vision and Tsuba and things took off from there.

You run Extended Play – tell us a bit about that.
Yeah, I run it with my good friend and partner in the Jet Project Timmy Stewart. The aim of the label is quite simply to supply DJs with great house music – we pride ourselves on the fact that the label isn’t known for one style of house. For example our first release of the year was a massive acid work-out by Bubba & T-Bone, and the second release is an NY-inspired throwback EP from ManooZ. Our release schedule for the rest of this year is ridiculous, to be honest – we have some great stuff lined up from a core of artists we are really happy to be working with, like De Sluwe Vos, Timmy P, Dale Howard, Cromby, ManooZ, JC Williams, Chris Hanna and more. I think this year could be one of the biggest for us so far – can’t wait to put some of these releases out.

Do you find coming from Belfast has influenced your musical tastes.
Yeah, I’d say so. The Belfast scene is quite small due the size of the city, but the people that are into it are really clued in, and the people who put on house and techno parties are doing it for the right reasons. I also find that most of the local DJs are very talented, and the amount of solid house music that is coming from Belfast-based artists lately is the best it’s ever been. I’m just happy to be a part of it all.

Who would you say has had the most influence on you musically?
My influences change week by week. I’m always checking new music and labels, listening for people who are pushing the envelope a little. Right now the people who are inspiring me would be the likes of Samuel Deep, Fabio Monesi and Kastil – these guys, as well as others, are putting out some quality tracks.

How would you describe your sound?
Straight-up house and techno.

Tell us a bit about this mix you have recorded for us.
The mix is similar to what you would hear me play in a club, but because it’s a mix for home listening, I don’t bang it out as much as I would playing live. It consists of some of my favourite tracks right now, from Jordan Peak, Samuel Deep and Tomska, as well as some future Extended Play releases from De Sluwe Vos, Timmy P, Dale Howard and Cromby.

What does the future have in store for JMX?
I have quite a few things about to drop – first up is a track on the new Love Box VA from Manchester-based label Music Is Love. It’s a vinyl double pack that will be out soon. Then I have a track on the second One-Offs EP, which is a new sub label from Local Talk. Then I have a four-track EP on another Belfast based label, Seven Music, due out in April.

As well as this I will be doing some work with Morris Audio, which I’m really excited about. I have a track coming out on their Seven Days A Week Part 3 VA. I’m also doing a remix for them, and I’ll be putting an EP out with them too. And on top of all this, I’ll still be working hard with Timmy, signing and releasing music on Extended Play, so keep an eye out for it all.





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